Apple signed a contract with media to produce new content from Snoopy and the gang Bentley

آبل توقع عقداً مع DHX لإنتاج محتوى جديد من سنوبي وعصابة البينتس

Under the marketing campaign for the broadcasting service which will be launched in 2019 it seems that Apple is seeking with all my strength to launch premium content and comprehensive for young and old, and similar previous engagements in this range which authority we have to light in previous reports, here’s today announces cooperation with the company Media Canadian competent in the production and distribution in the area of children for screenings of new short films for the cartoon dog Snoopy characters gang Bentley “Peanuts” Which has long found resonance and wide in the United States and provided the children has released its version of the Arab dubbed the beginning of the year 2000 song badge of the voice of Gibraltar rich Arab from the definition of the nineties.

The version will be exclusively for Apple personality major share of Snoopy’s love of adventure and friendship of Charlie as well as the personalities of the gang and Bentley, which include the Woodstock and Spike and Edward and Sally and Linus and Lucy and the rest, suggesting that Apple would like to exploit the popularity of this serial to arouse a passion for children and adults who lived through its beginning and encourage them to serve.

In back the genesis of the character Snoopy year 1950 as the story of the photographer, however, the artist Charles cripple the Beatles appeared for the first time in the United States as a TV show in 1986, and at the 2015 film appeared Bentley three-dimensional production company is place which the Centers of the initial, then as more films profitable, so no doubt that investment option to thoughtful of Apple seeking to reap the benefits of it next year.

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