Apple sites are available that relate to the users via the Safari browser

Start Apple TV treatment of the sites that are watching or involved data browse users on the Safari browser like sites malicious software.

آبل تتوعد المواقع التي تتعقب المستخدمين عبر متصفح سفاريApple sites are available that relate to the users via the Safari browser

Did Apple change the Privacy Policy , private browsing, and affirmed that with the entry into force of this policy the company will treat any locations track the movement and become users on the Safari browser like sites to spread malware or viruses. Where you will add the advantages granted to fanaticism, but in the case of bypass any site not be liable and will be subjected to cruel.

Of course it was not confined to the Safari browser only, but to all applications that download browser suite is built on it.

In other words, the applications by adding browser-suite in their applications, these browsers in one way or another based on the package Webkit your Safari.

The return track users across different websites and then share the navigation data with websites or third party companies with the aim of advertising.

For example, if you are browsing a specific product on the website and then I started seeing ads about the same product on Google, Facebook and others, the website that you went to work on tracking users and then share their data with third parties by selling them in exchange for material often, which check a lot of websites and companies large sums of it.

This feature is important to protect the privacy of the user and keep him away from the ads many, but Apple wasn’t the first company that produces them, where they inspired by the way Mozilla with a lot of sites on the Firefox browser and as I mentioned the Apple TV itself.

Was Apple had promised to take a more seriously to prevent track users mother WWDC2019, and here she is doing it with the change of its policy.



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