Apple solved the problem with high battery consumption on 11.4.1

Many iPhone owners have complained that after upgrading to 11.4 the battery life of the smartphone left much to be desired. Mostly the problem manifested on older devices. Apparently, Apple has finally fixed this annoying problem in iOS 11.4.1 – at least this is reported by users of the website Reddit.

Released in late may, iOS 11.4 caused a lot of trouble to owners of iOS-devices. First of all, users have noted an increased consumption of battery in the background. To return the same measure of autonomy could not, even if you turn off all energy-consuming functions. The only solution at the time was to restore the device through iTunes or to execute a General reset.

In the last update number 11.4.1 Apple is not explicitly stated how to solve this problem, but noted a significant improvement:

Upgrade to 11.4 adversely affected the battery life of my iPhone 8, but with the release of iOS 11.4.1 increased consumption is no longer observed.

iOS 11.4.1 definitely solves the problem with the battery.

Of course, the problem is still observed in a certain number of users, but the number of complaints was insignificant. Recall that in addition to correcting errors high flow, Apple’s latest update also introduced a new USB mode Restricted, complicating the iPhone.

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