Apple specialty section to experience the paid apps for free



Back a new section in Apple’s App Store, see for paid apps to try them for free before purchase or subscription under the name of Try it for Free

After downloading the app from the App Store you have the duration of the free trial and then you have to subscribe and pay finance charges for that continuing use of the app to the full its advantages.

This method is good for users where they can identify the function of the app and its usefulness before actual procurement and any financial outlay, as well as developers that allows to increase sales through the trade to streamline the procurement process.

Shows the new section of the Applications tab in the App Store and then it will be the second section in the page. The show is currently a set of applications that adopt the subscription whether annually or weekly. this is something you should pay attention to well before the procurement.

The duration of the app experience as what allows the developer whether it is day or week or month or not, and some apps ask you to pay before the free trial for a month after the trial ends you can cancel the order so you get to benefit the full owner.

The Apple App Store has achieved sales of daily record by $ 300 million New Year’s Eve, profit developers during the entire last year 26.5 million, an increase of 30% from the previous most likely it is due to adopt a system of contributions instead of selling applications.


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