Apple spoke about the future iPadOS, content to Apple TV+ and the relations with the authorities

Every year, Apple holds 3-4 events in which talks about new products, innovations, operating systems and development of corporate services. Each of us can buy a ticket and attend on them in person after seeing the first persons of the company acting on stage. However, there is at least one event, which is usually disclosed such information to outsiders to hear absolutely not supposed to. However, this does not prevent her from becoming public knowledge thanks to the efforts of those who do manage to attend a closed event.

Apple convened its annual meeting of shareholders and spoke about the company’s plans for the future

Recently, Tim cook was the victim of a Stalker. Already read?

This, of course, is the annual meeting of shareholders of Apple, which the company performs in the Theatre of Steve jobs. It is in the format of a traditional presentation with the only exception that in the framework of the meeting the speakers are not trying to sell a new product, and convey to investors information about the company’s plans, take suggestions and answer questions.

As the coronavirus will affect Apple

Oddly enough, but mostly the shareholders were worried about the rise of Apple in terms of the spread of coronavirus. They asked, in Cupertino are planning to run your business in China, which is the company’s priority market, if the production part of the production costs, and half of all Apple Store in the country, still not opened, although it was promised that a time-out in the shops will not last more than a week.

That would now not saying Tim cook to investors, he had previously admitted that Apple has started to have problems due to the coronavirus.

Tim cook, who answered the question was quite restrained and, in fact, did not say anything new. The CEO only said that the situation of coronavirus is dynamic, and Apple is carefully watching how it develops. But despite this, he promised, in Cupertino take all necessary precautions to protect their employees and customers from infection. But on the resumption of production technology cook said nothing. Apparently, because he doesn’t know it yet.

Why Apple TV+ so little series

Tim cook is a real diplomat. To tell everything and nothing at the same time we still have to learn

On the question of why Apple hasn’t acquired the rights to a special episode of “Friends”, which will show on HBO Max, the CEO replied that the company does not collect recycled content. According to him, Apple’s goal is not to fill the site anyhow what, and how to create unique and high quality content on their own.

But cook has behaved more confidently when asked about the company’s plans to introduce a backdoor in iOS and allow the security services more effectively to seize evidence from the devices criminals. Top Manager said that the iPhone is no different from private dwellings. After all, if the owner leaves the back door open to enter the premises can anyone, regardless of whether he has lawful authority or not. Therefore, he said, Apple will never agree on their own to expose its users to danger, and will not meet the authorities, to meet this requirement.

Apple thinks in years to come, and Tim cook does not hide.

Then the conversation joined Craig Federighi, Apple Vice President for software development. Asked about the prospects for the development iPadOS and how as the company sees the operating system, which this year will be one year. Federighi noted that the company attaches great importance to the tablet version of the OS and considers it a valid platform, as the iPad has long been developed separately from the iPhone and it became crowded in the iOS. Therefore, Apple is planning many new features for iPadOS, said Federighi, who will emerge in the foreseeable future.

The Secrets Of Apple

In the end, nothing unknown at the event was not made public. The only thing that gave at least some hope is that Apple, first, continues to develop iPadOS and considers it a priority project, and, secondly, that the Apple TV+, most likely, will not be replenished movies and serials third-party production. We have already explainedwhy, most likely, and will be, and in fact now received official confirmation of their assumptions.

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