Apple started to sell HomePod in several countries

As promised at WWDC 2018, 18 June, Apple has started selling the HomePod in Germany, France and Canada. The inhabitants of these countries are not only able to officially purchase a smart column, but also to choose their native language as the primary for the HomePod.

Purchase column and Russian travelers — nothing prevents you to buy HomePod abroad, even if you only indirectly familiar with English. Speaker without any problems activated in every part of the world, subject to pair with your iPhone and connect to the Network.

In the first stage HomePod was available in only three countries: the USA, Australia and the UK. This was due to the fact that Siri, which is the cornerstone of this design, in the framework of the HomePod yet understand only in English.

Let’s hope that soon the system will be adapted under the Russian realities, and we will be able not only to formally purchase the HomePod in our country, but full to use it.

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