Apple still controls the biggest share of the market, wireless headsets

Published by Counterpoint Research, a new report highlights changes in the market of wireless headsets, there are a mix of good news and bad news for Apple, so the good news is that the AirPods balance of the car on the market, the bad news, is that the second generation of the sky did not enhance this interaction.

Apple controls more than half of the total market share, so to hear her AirPods in first place ahead of the nearest competitors, while the market share remained at the same level since the quarter car, failed to grow despite of the launch of the second generation of the speaker.

Sales of the first generation of fish was higher than expected, but sales of the second generation were weaker than expected, the reason may be the lack of poison brought a lot of improvements and nurses wait for the customer for the second part, which is expected to features a new design entirely.

Miss Samsung Jabra for the first time thanks to the latest model of Galaxy been and expanded its market share significantly to reach second place for the first time, is expected to maintain this momentum for a while thanks to the response to the positive market.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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