Apple stocks at the lowest value since a 52-week

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سهم آبل في أدنى قيمة له منذ 52 اسبوعApple stocks at the lowest value since a 52-week

Apple stocks at the lowest value since a 52-week

, The index, shares of Apple us’s (AAPL) lowest level in 52 weeks when 146.83 $ in transactions today .

As analysts note, the decline in the share price of Apple over the past few months have put him in the area called (Cross, death), and to the price of any shares when it exceeds 50-day moving average of stocks below 200-day moving average, according to CNBC .

And the Apple TV since few months from a marked decline in the number of sales of the main product of faith, even the phones of the academic year 2018 were not accompanied by apples us on the level of sales figures .

The Apple website last in danger?

And one of Experts Exchange : often, the arrow that finds the Cross of death is a sign that more dips on the road.

Only four months ago, has become Apple’s the first company shares are traded in general exceed the market capitalization of $ trillion, and last month, the regressed value of the company to a range of $ 900 million, and now with a new low of 36% in share price since the highest level in 52 weeks, constitute shares of Apple cap of $ 716 million dollars only .

And the company Net Profit of $ 14 million in the last quarterly report, but decided the lack of disclosure in the future on the number of units sold of each product separately as I always thought.

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