Apple stopped sales of the most controversial versions of the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 can rightly be considered the best smartwatch not only in the history of Apple, but perhaps of the entire industry. Innovations the actual models were so iconic you had to pay attention to the novelty of even those users who are at the genetic level did not recognize wearable electronics as something useful. For this, few people noticed that from sale disappeared completely unique modification of the Apple Watch, for which Apple alone was subjected to criticism, and others predicted a great future in the fashion world.

This model was the premium Apple Watch Edition console, which existed since the release of the original model in 2015. During this time, the appearance of the Apple Watch Edition has undergone only one, but very significant change. Gold plated case watch with 18K plated were replaced with ceramics, which, however, gave them a touch of elegance and, according to some, made the elite model is not as vulgar. Change of materials was reflected in the price of the watch. If the gold plated version was estimated by the manufacturer to 17 thousand dollars, ceramic worth “only” $ 1300.

Why Apple has stopped selling the Apple Watch Edition

The main reason why Apple decided to stop selling the Apple Watch Edition, is the low popularity of this model. Despite the apparent success of the gold-plated version of the world stars and members of Royal families, elite sales modifications hours remained at an extremely low level, what can be said about the traditional models.

According to a report by industry analysts, the Apple Watch today occupy a leading place in the ranking of the most popular smart watches. Undoubtedly, their sales will be even higher after the widespread release of the Apple Watch Series 4. The updated model not only offers improved design and performance, but also an extended set of capabilities for tracking health. One of them is a function of ECG allows to diagnose atrial fibrillation.

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