Apple stopped the updates there on her store

آبل توقف تحديثات تيليغرام على متجرها

Russian government asked two days ago to delete the application of the term to shop the Apple parking the play, and after the ban application in the States to raise there government grants keys to encrypt data for your application in the last period.

But what happened is that Apple has stopped updates for the application since the launch of the iOS update 11.4, andsaid Pavel Durov. the app developer that there were some problems that the mission encountered in the posters and other advantages that are not compatible with the update, but it’s been resolved, and life after that Apple stopped updating the app to its users.

And ROI is also based on, so it wasn’t his company’s implementation of a list of new laws in the EU GDPR in Schedule 25 May, which is what the company is working to resolve it now.

It seems that the decision of the Douro with the use of any person keys to encrypt the data to make the application on the terminal, does work in overcoming the crisis?

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