Apple sued one of its smartphones

Apple is perhaps one of the few companies, which can hardly be accused of negligent attitude to their products and customers. Of course, sometimes in Cupertino allow mistakes that affect the reputation of its products, but it’s basically the exceptions that only confirm the General rule. However, from time to time the company becomes involved in certain scandals, many of whom turn to her with lawsuits, from which she has to defend. Not always successfully.

iPhone 7 hazardous? Lawyers Fegan Scott would say Yes

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The Chicago law firm Fegan Scott filed a lawsuit against Apple and Samsung, accusing them of violating the permissible limits of electromagnetic radiation (SAR) smartphones from both companies. The lawsuit States that some devices of these brands do not meet the requirements of the American government to the level of radio frequency radiation, endangering its customers. So lawyers require companies violating the established requirements, to pay the users of medical expenses and pay compensation, the amount of which is not yet specified.

Radiation smartphones

IPhone radio-frequency radiation may be of concern to you. But maybe not. It is the court

The reason for the suit became the study, published in the Chicago Tribune this summer. The journalists appealed to an independent company, dedicated to the study of electromagnetic radiation, and requested it to produce measurements of the SAR of the smartphones from different manufacturers. According to the results of the experiment revealed that the radiation of some devices, including the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8, about 2-5 times higher than permissible limits and, therefore, may threaten the health of those who use these models.

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Then the reaction Apple was not long in coming. It seems that just a few days, the company released an official press release in which it announced that all of her equipment passes strict quality control and is not dangerous for life and health of users as confirmed by tests of the Federal communications Commission, whose check of the electronics takes place before the appearance in retail. And the results of the study, who received the journalists of the Chicago Tribune, may not be taken into account, because they are incorrect. The fact is, explained in Cupertino that the company that conducted the measurements at the request of the newspaper, made some egregious errors that led to this result.

If the iPhone threat to health

But lawyers Scott Fegan decided to check everything yourself. To do this, they drew another laboratory accredited by the Federal communications Commission, which confirmed the danger of the brand of Apple and Samsung. However, threat was not only the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8, but the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone, XR, and Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S10. Experts have found that radiation can be safe, if you do not hold the smartphone close to your ear, and keep it at a distance of 5-10 mm, but if you bring it to 2 mm or to reduce the distance to zero, the risk increases fivefold.

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“The producers assure consumers that their smartphones are completely safe, and therefore it was important to check the level of radio frequency radiation and find out if this is true. It’s not true. Independent studies confirm that radio-frequency radiation some of the smartphones of Apple and Samsung significantly exceeds the upper exposure limit, established by the Federal government, sometimes reaching a difference of 500%. We believe that consumers have the right to know the truth,” said Fegan Scott.

Why Apple is not to blame

According to Beth Fegan, managing partner of Scott Fegan, a recent study conducted in conditions of daily use of smartphones, not lab requirements referenced in Apple. The fact that users never use their devices in perfect conditions, prescribed in the manuals of the manufacturer, and that means you should begin from the real factors. Another thing is that if I filed a lawsuit, it would clearly not against Apple, but against the Federal communications Commission, which approved the methodology of the company and made its equipment to the sale.

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