Apple support iPhone SE 2 lens camera, wide rear design made of glass


Location detection Phoneaena India. from the leaked images of the portfolio, the second generation of phones iPhone SEas offered for sale on one of the sites at the price of 8.23 $ each, and are available in Blue, Purple, Black, Transparent.

حافظة ايفون se 2
Portfolio iPhone se 2

Revealed the new buses about some of the details about new Apple phone iphone se 2, most notably the back part of the device including the rear camera and flash, as it is believed that the deviceiPhone SE 2 will come rear design made of glass, the combined lens of the camera will be greater than those for the older.

Will iPhone se 2 Phone least price when you call Apple this year, it will become this phone the key to the American company to ensure growth in markets such as India, which is the second largest market for smartphones in the world, however, the low per capita income makes consumers in the country they can’t buy Apple phones expensive.

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