Apple thinks because of the problems in the keyboard models of the new MacBook

MacBook Pro 2018

We have seen many reports that talk about the problems in the second generation of the keyboard Butterfly used in computers the new MacBook. Apple didn’t think that there is really a problem need to be fixed, at least until the day after the publication of the column is disturbed so to speak in the Wall Street Journal U.S., pushing Apple in the end to apologize to customers about this problem.

As you probably know, has decided to Apple’s move to rely on the design of the Butterfly in your keyboard computers MacBook portable own in the year 2015 with a copy of the 12-inch MacBook. Count on the redesigned keyboard that was questioned more than once. There have been complaints of countless users who have experienced some problems with the design of the new keyboard.

Why do you think Apple about it, but she did make some changes to the design by adding a rubber membrane to the second generation of the keyboard Butterfly. It was said that he has been using this membrane rubber to keep dust and other particles on the outside which are the elements that made the keyboard completely unusable on previous models.

The Apple has launched a new programme to repair all models of the MacBook that used to keyboards that depend on the design of the butterfly. She led Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal’s efforts by writing a column without the two letters E and R to highlight the inconvenience caused by this problem users.

Tell the spokesperson in the name of the Apple press Joanna Stern, ” We realize that there are a small number of users who are having problems with the second generation of the keyboard Butterfly, we’re sorry for that, “ he added : ” the vast majority of the millions of computers MacBook they get a positive experience with the new keyboard “. However, it remains to be seen if Apple make significant changes to the level design to get rid of this problem forever or not.

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