Apple threatens developers of applications that follow the movements of the user deleting the App from the App Sotre their

آبل تنذر مطوري التطبيقات التي تتبع تحركات المستخدم بالحذف من متجرها

Following the report that talked about the exploitation of some of the travel apps of the famous users ‘ data across third party companies to analyze data and track user movement and gather information about him without his knowledge, Apple has launched an ultimatum to the developers of those applications disclose a mechanism for collecting that information to the user or remove the code added for the application which allows tracking of reservations or it will is fully adapted for a store of its App Store, according to Techcrunch.

Where brought to the Apple TV light on that the laws permit adding applications to follow strictly forbid the use of this method of tracking users without taking prior permission from them demonstrates to them how the mechanism of collecting such data; where said official spokesperson of the company they are in the process of taking steps to serious savings in the right of the developers and the owners of those applications.

The report of Techcrunch has talked about the asylum of a number of travel apps known as Air Canada وAbercrombie & Fitch وHollister وExpedia و buy third-party data analysis “Glassbox” where a recent study of user data and recording without permission and without taking into account the means of security to protect them from any piracy of the future, where included in the report is the collection of recent data and personal and Financial such as name, passport number and credit card.

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