Apple to begin selling e-in India during the year and to open retail stores there in 2021

آبل ستبدأ البيع الإلكتروني في الهند خلال العام وتفتح متاجر التجرئة في 2021

Said the CEO of Apple Tim Cook through the shareholders ‘ meeting on Wednesday that his company will begin to activate its stores of electronic in India during the current year to open retail stores in the country over the next year to 2021.

Adopted the Apple on marketing its products in India which is the second largest global market for smartphones across the stores of the third party, which seems that it will last long after these statements.

In the midst of the declaration of the cook for this step is said to attendees that he believes in the joy of a big company in the Indian market, the fact that these countries enjoy economic activity and demographic like no other.

The Indian market of markets that are experiencing exponential growth is what makes all the technology companies directed their sights to him and his great attention, but for the products of Apple that come at high prices compared to the purchasing power of the local population makes the company in front of me is a big challenge; at the time point where the stats of the market study that the majority of phones with the turnout comes at the price of less than $ 150.

On the other hand, the challenges facing the company there is the high fees imposed by the state on the import of electronic parts, which means added to increase the responsibility of the final consumer which makes the iPhone the most expensive price also.

To solve this problem, sought the Apple TV over the past years to minimize the price of the iPhone in the country and negotiations with the government to give some tax concessions where failed; prompting them to manufacture phones destined for the Indian market locally, as do Chinese companies choose this handicap.

Financial results are encouraging to increase investment in India

Indeed, this contributed in minimizing the severity of the problem and proved its efficacy where indicated, statistical buy the market study Canalys noted that Apple was able to charge 925,000 for iPhone at a quarter-past first, which ended in last December, which made this quarter is the best in the Indian market at all.

It is worth mentioning that the Indian government softened its own laws opened brands for retail in the country during the past year, which made it more easy to start trading electronic by the presence on the ground to companies like Apple.



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