Apple to increase Siri responses smart when you cannot answer the phone

Using Apple’s new roles can be played by Siri to become more useful to users, where they showed a new patent to Apple that the company plans to make Siri send feedback smart custom explaining why you reject a telephone call according to report of AppleInsider.

Show existing images in the application for registration of a patent Siri is pulling information from the maps of Apple and suggests intelligent response that includes the street you are in and that it will take to get to your destination, this may be useful if you are late for a meeting or dinner or other, and will water it for cars supported by CarPlay.

The company already has a list of the responses simple habit that you can choose when a call comes in you can’t or don’t want to answer it, and you can feature “do not disturb while driving” section in the iOS operating system 11 alert the caller automatically to the reason that makes you not available is that you behind the wheel, but Apple is trying to apparently make those messages more intelligent and more specific circumstances.

And Google also provide feedback clever through many of its own apps and operating system Android, in the past the Apple TV that already registered a patent assistant intelligent Digital Answering incoming calls in late 2016, and is converted into an advantage so far on any system or ABS, but who knows what awaits us in the conference WWDC, which is less than two weeks.

Source : theverge

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