Apple to invest an additional $ 250 billion in factory glass Gorilla Glass

Pumped Apple TV new investment in the company Corning famous glass protect the screen of Gorilla Glass in the amount of $ 250 million suggests that there is a revolutionary product coming in the future of the company.

Married Corning Apple Glass protection for all its devices iPhone, iPad and even the hours, she had invested the Apple TV two years ago $ 200 million in the company.

Comes new investment by the private investment fund industry has developed have Apple TV, within the company’s commitment to spend $ 5 billion to develop industries based in the United States.

Of course don’t tell us Apple TV how do you use Corning this new funding but merely by saying that he would pay the research and development to improve the operations of the glass industry the protection of raw materials and equipment and mechanisms of action.

And download Corning developing Glass protection fits screens are collapsible so that they replace the screens plastic used in the first generations of hardware folding.

And Corning had previously talked about their efforts in developing glass thin enough to be folded without being broken.

With the launch of Samsung and Huawei phones folding, there are rumors that Apple intends to launch a version of the iPhone foldable next year, but it’s still rumors of its beginning and the need for protection can fold without problems.

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