Apple to launch pilot program to serve Apple Arcade

Apple announced a service Apple Arcade in Tell me your in the march past, which will allow users of iOS, Mac and Apple TV pay a fixed monthly fee and access a range of paid applications through the App Store.

Run Apple TV currently program Access early for their employees, charge a small subscription of $ 0.49 per month, with a free trial period of one month. Apple states that the test program will end with the launch of iOS 13.

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Today, managed website 9to5Mac have access to the test program building to serve Apple Arcade store and Mac App Store. The process begins as the welcome that highlight some of the content available through the subscription. Likely to be the page are very similar when launching a product, it is assumed that the iOS version 13 to the public in mid-September.

There is a large button allows the user to start the free trial for one month of Service, which is likely to be available also to the general public when it is released. Are not likely to be the price is 0.49 $ per month, since it’s the price of a particular timer period of the internal test. We have no information about the price of a subscription to Apple Arcade, which will offer customers the Apple TV.

خدمة Apple Arcade من آبل

After the subscription confirmation start of the experiment, a new page will appear with the featured games. To download the game, it’s as easy as clicking the button “Get”, just like downloading an app or game for free from the App Store. Reveal the interface of the program is about having the bar lower on the application page contains information such as classification, age, the size of the app, the rest of the page include any of the pages of apps the App Store.

Apple Arcade

خدمة Apple Arcade

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