Apple to lose key members of the design team of Jony Ive

Subject to the industrial design team of Apple series of changes, according to a new report by The Wall Street Journal. Where the report stated that many of the veterans industrial design team under the leadership of Jony Ive leaving Apple. Why would they leave? And will this affect the different products Apple TV? Or that Apple has the best?

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Left three members of the industrial design team of Apple. And others to leave the company, after decades of experience and evaluation of products are the most famous in the world.

Was Rico sorcerer and Daniele De Ulysses working for Apple company in the field of industrial design for various devices for 35 years, and as a icon design team of 24 people, led by Johnny Ives, where he decided recently to leave the company. It didn’t stop them, but extended to Julian Hoenig who works in the same team for more than a decade, where it was said that he intends to leave Apple in the coming months. The report said, citing people familiar.

Said Mr. sorcerer that he intends to adventure to rest from the fatigue of professional life, and even spend some time with his family, adding that he feels proud of his work have Apple. He also pointed out that Apple is in good hands, referring also to the new blood that will work under the leadership of Jony Ive. While others refused to comment on the reason for their intention to leave the company.

More recently, he left Danny Costa industrial design team in 2016 he joined the company GoPro” competent to the proliferation of cameras and a high-definition”. While he left to Christopher Stringer in 2017 where he was a designer at Apple since 1995 and he is credited with the design of the iPhone first.

And started the adventure to thrive when he took Jony Ive’s chairmanship of the design department in 2015 and declining role in the everyday stuff on the design team. Because it is assuming the management units of the industrial design and software designs of Apple stores for retail sale, freedom, Apple Park New. Napa reported in that period, Richard Howarth, Alan Dai, so the return of Johnny Ives in the year 2017 where the design team submit their reports to him again and his two deputies.

I have a game design team play a key role in the success of Apple and its organs, led by Jony Ive, who kept the interdependence of the team throughout his time with Apple. And the Press, that Mr. Jobs ‘ design team put into the development of Apple products, and was followed by almost daily to see the latest work and suggestions for new designs.

According to the report, the team will disintegrate slowly after the success of many products from Apple products especially the iPhone, have become things level.

Some suggested that the personnel changes is a reference to a new generation of designers. As said the Sorcerer, “we have a new generation of designers are wonderful, and what we did in past decades will continue to the talent wave.”

The change in the design team is essential for Apple to not mark time slowed down the sales of the iPhone, and the company shut down some of the new products to focus on subscription services, the most important new ever. Where Apple announced several new services, including +Apple News and Apple Arcade and the Apple Card and +Apple TV.

Some emphasized that the change in composition of the group is logical, since Apple is moving from the design of the Mac and the iPhone to other new projects, including augmented reality and self-driving cars. As predicted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, that Apple may have self-driving cars by 2025 according to the site Mashable.

It is rumored that Apple’s designers are working hard to provide a variety of devices. It is likely to be of special devices actually enhanced that can be detected in 2020.

It should be noted, that the new designs for iPhone next the fight was a heated debate between supporters and opponents because of the design of the camera three. It seems that Apple is determined to move forward in the progress of this design despite the existence of alternatives to much, much better.

Do you think that the retirement of many of the industrial design team will affect the future devices to Apple? Tell us in the comments.


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