Apple to pay $ 15.3 million as taxes to the government, the Irish

Apple Company

Having to pay Apple the equivalent of $ 15.3 million from the tax, the planning authority antitrust in the European Union to withdraw the legal proceedings against Ireland.

As some of you have heard most likely, in 2016, the European Commission announced that Apple got tax exemptions unfairly in a transaction, tax is not legitimate with the Irish government. Because of this, the European Commission said that Apple got an ” advantage task ” over their competitors, that’s what pushed her to get Apple to pay taxes between 2003 and 2014 in addition to the interest.

The chairperson of the committee on antitrust in the European Union, Ms. Margrethe Vestager filed a lawsuit against the Irish government last year for failing to get a refund from Apple, but has now been withdrawn that lawsuit after Apple Pay all you were supposed to pay. On this subject, stated the spokesman for the European Commission, Mr Ricardo Cardoso in an email by saying : ” in the light of the full payment by Apple to the state aid illegal, which he had received from Ireland, suggested Commissioner Margrethe Vestager on the jury to pull this legal procedure “.



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