Apple to reduce the importance of previous reports about the rate cut production of the iPhone XR due to weak demand

iPhone XR

In an interview with website CNet, commented deputy head of Department for Product Marketing at Apple on the sales of your phones iPhone the latest from the company. Said a voice warned that the iPhone XR was more phones iPhone popular have company over every day since the day it became available for purchase.

This comes after just one week of declaration of newspaper The Wall Street Journal America by Apple to reduce the pace of production of the iPhone XR, and other reports similar to talked about demand shrinking on the phones iPhone New, prompting the company to cut production.

Also this month, the company decided to the Apple TV not to watch the sales numbers that get their iPhones, iPads and iPad computers Mac anymore. Instead, they are going to be disclosure of profits and the proceeds received by just, making the task of reviewing the sales received by Apple devices anymore is very difficult. In spite of the low price compared to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, it was speculated that the phone iPhone XR does not lead a good as well in the market. Hopes Apple by raising prices year after year to offset the steady decrease in sales of the iPhone.

Phones iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is not shall be sealed to perform well also, the deputy head of the Department of marketing at Apple confirmed it is the other indirectly when he said that the iPhone XR was is the iPhone the most popular since its appearance. However, the initial price of the phone iPhone XS Max which stands at $ 1100 USD will decline in sales.

Demand for smart phones is changing and you need Apple to adapt to it. In the end, the basic point is what matters : revenue. However, Apple can’t continue to raise prices forever, and expects that people continue to buy their products mandated under the fierce competition of Chinese enterprises that rely on price tempting to get a friendlier more customers.



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