Apple to release waterproof AirPods in 2020

Perhaps it wouldn’t be a revelation that AirPods are very popular around the world. It is the most popular wireless headphones in the world: many are willing to close their eyes to the considerable cost of the accessory as dignity AirPods more than outweighs the disadvantage in the form of high prices. Of course, Apple is not resting on its laurels – the company intends to develop its line of wireless headphones.

AirPods – best wireless headphones

Yesterday Bloomberg shared very interesting information. Informants report that Apple has completed the development of 3 AirPods. According to insiders, the company plans to bring a new headphone to the market in 2020, presumably in the spring.

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What’s new in AirPods 3

According to Bloomberg, AirPods 3 will receive a “sports” design. Headphones will receive a special mount, which will allow users to jog or train, while not being afraid that the headphones can fall out of the ears at the most inopportune moment.

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Change the material of the case. According to rumors, Apple will use a special coating that is now used in Apple Pencil. The company will waive the glossy coating will be used in the body of matte plastic.

As Powerbeats Pro, AirPods third generation will receive full protection from the ingress of water and spray to the IPX4 standard.

However, to be afraid of water is not necessary even to owners of original AirPods. Repeated tests showed that the headphones are first and second generation operate without any problems even after intensive “water treatment”.

At least with a similar situation in his time faced and editor Renat Grishin. According to him, AirPods can survive even the most adverse scenario — even after the wash cycle in an automatic washing machine. Moreover, such an ordeal has not affected the sound quality headphones work the same way before.

Another special feature will be the function of active noise cancellation. AirPods have an open design, so listening to music in noisy places is problematic. With the release of the third generation this problem will be solved once and for all.

The Cost Of AirPods 3

It’s time to talk about the most interesting cost. Insiders believe that the AirPods 3 will be more expensive — at least 20-30 dollars. The new accessory will not replace AirPods second generation, and will be sold in parallel. But the case supporting wireless charging to buy do not have to — it will be included in the basic package.

On the other hand, a little surprised Apple’s approach. Because the company, according to insiders, has already completed the development of new headphones. Why would corporations not to announce 3 AirPods at the next presentation in September? This question still remains unanswered. It is likely that it is nothing else, as a marketing ploy. AirPods 2 was shown only six months ago — and the company is required to withstand a pause before to show the audience the updated headphones.

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