Apple to sell iMac Pro discount

Apple constantly adds to his section of the refurbished devices to new models. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of time between the release device and its appearance in “restored” form. It happened with the iMac Pro, which recently became available at a discount in the repaired section of the devices.

Are available for purchase as the younger 8-core model, and 10-core with the top 18-core. The base model includes 32GB of RAM, 1TB SSD and graphics Radeon Pro Vega. In the “top” have a 4 TB SSD, 128 GB of RAM and Radeon Pro Vega 64 c 16 GB of memory.

Discount for a rebuilt unit is around 15 percent, and this is a great offer despite the fact that Apple gives them the same warranty as new. The computers that were restored by the forces of Apple, there is nothing different from new, except the price.

Alas, the product will have to order from countries where there is a shop restored Apple devices. To purchase a restored model from Apple in Russia will not work — unless the retail network will not begin to carry these computers. But then the price will be already higher.

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