Apple to start selling a version renewed of the iPhone XR

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I started the company Apple in the sale of a reconstructed version of her smart phone (iPhone 10 silenced AR) iPhone XR which was the top selling smartphones over the past year.

Can find a revamped version of the phone (iPhone 10 silenced AR) within the Department (Special Offers) Featured Offers on the home page for the (restored belief) Certified Refurbished within the Apple Store website

Are available the open version of the phone (iPhone 10 silenced AR) with a capacity of 64 GB and 128 GB priced at $ 499 USD and 539 US$, respectively in the United States, for the sake of comparison available the new version of the phone’s capacity with a price of 599 USD and 649 USD. Sold as a revamped version which total memory capacity of 256 GB price of 629 USD, noting that Apple stopped selling the new version of this capacity since last year.

And Apple: all models of the iPhone, which they scan and clean the packaging in a box white new with all manuals and accessories. Install company also has a new battery and replace the outer shell, which makes it almost impossible to distinguish between the iPhone new and.

Referred to to any phone iPhone refurbished comes with warranty Apple standard for a period of one year from the date of delivery of the device. Can extend the warranty for up to two years from the date of original purchase with service +AppleCare.

The gate Arab News Technical Apple start to sell copies reconditioned phone, iPhone XR

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