Apple to start selling phones Evo XR manufacturer in India!

Started Apple in putting iPhone XR manufacturer in India in stores and outlets for the first time, as all of the versions sold previously was made in China.

آبل تبدأ في بيع هواتف iPhone XR المصنعة في الهند

IPhone XR was more phones iPhone selling since its launch due to its relatively low price compared to other versions add to the extra discount that he got after the announcement of the iPhone 11 which is to them a suitable option for emerging markets such as India.

Apple started to manufacture phones iPhone almost two years ago in India, with versions such as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 and joined the iPhone XR to the list while the production lines and assemble the rest of the versions still exist in China.

Apple plans to expand the production of the iPhone in India on the background of trade war and political conflicts between the United States and China, but still China so far this march in a full-on production processes for various reasons related to low-cost labor and production there.

آبل تبدأ في بيع هواتف iPhone XR المصنعة في الهند

Is there a difference between iPhone China and iPhone India?

There is no significant difference on the level of specifications or performance or quality between the iPhone factory in China or that the plant in India because the process of manufacturing and assembly are conducted in accordance with specific criteria do not vary by geographic region.

For a price that won’t be a difference on a global level and probably won’t benefit from that but the consumer in India who will buy product at a cheaper price exempt from customs or import taxes from abroad.

Prices iPhone XR currently is$ 600 a capacity of 64 GB, but 128 GB is priced at 650$, as its price dropped by 100$ after the announcement of the series the iPhone of 11. (Continued, too: the new price for the iPhone after the launch of the series the iPhone of 11)

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