Apple to start shipping a desktop computer is a new Mac Pro next month at a starting price of 5999 USD

The company stressed that Apple in the comments for The Verge today on its plans to start shipping a Mac Pro New through the month of December next.

Company Apple has announced a desktop computer is a Mac Pro during the month of June last, and today the company revealed a barrage formally to the device which made in the United States market applies to users next month.

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Has revealed about the level of pricing of the Mac Pro, which applies in the main model at the price of 5999 USD, that features of this model processor Intel Xeon eight core speed of 3.5 GHz, with card screen Radeon Pro 580X, and a random 32 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 256 GB in SSD.

It is planned to support Apple to customize the configuration of your Mac Pro in accordance with the request of shipping and pre-users, where you can up the storage capacity of the top models to 8 terabytes in SSD, for example, which is characterized with the level of pricing is certainly high.

Recall that Apple will also start in the shipment screen Pro Display XDR to the side of the Mac Pro next month, which will be available to model mainly at a price of 4999 dollars, while the top model at the price of 5999 USD, you can add a screen holder at a price of $ 999.


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