Apple to work on Apple Music

Music Apple Music was launched in 2015 and since then enjoys great popularity among users. But as with any service, Apple Music is not without flaws. One of the users of the website Reddit has decided to work on this issue and made a lengthy list of changes that could form the basis for future music updates platform.

That’s what needs to be improved in Apple Music:

  • It is very strange that between Apple devices, there is still no adequate synchronization. For example, the play count of songs on each device is different. The same goes for playlists.
  • The service still did not got the support of Hi-Fi format. It would be great to see the new rate (albeit for a large sum) with support for high-quality lossless audio.
  • Apple Music provides a summary of what you did during the year, in contrast to the same Spotify. Why not implement a similar feature directly in the official app?
  • Search works bad. Apple Music should highlight the best result, as do similar music services.
  • Quality music videos leaves much to be desired, on the same YouTube the situation is quite different.
  • Some of the albums that were purchased in iTunes for some reason is not available in the Apple Music library. If I have purchased content that is not available for streaming platform, why limit the user?
  • Should be given the opportunity to create a more informative description of the created playlists, and playlists.
  • Also, Apple should think about implementing smart custom playlists to compete with Spotify.
  • Deleted album should not be displayed in the section “For You”.

And what would you change Apple Music? Leave your opinion in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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