Apple told about the problems that can create a pen Pencil 2

We recently found outthat due to the prevalence of AirPods users may encounter interference which some headphones create others. This is due to the fact that they work on one frequency and often subject to finding in immediate proximity from each other can experience all kinds of disruptions from inconsistent play to a complete loss of connection with iPhone. But as it turned out, this problem is typical not only for Apple earphone.

It turns out that interference can provoke and Apple Pencil of the second generation. Fortunately, these impairments do not affect the operation of other feathers, but can be totally out of place when you try to open the car using the electronic key. This key allows you to insert it in the door and just bring it to her. To do this, don’t even have to get the key, the car recognizes it, if it is at a distance of several tens of centimeters.

However, if at this time, in the bag in which you carry a proximity key lies iPad Pro charging Apple Pencil 2, there is a great risk that the car will not open because the very interference which provokes the wireless charging module built into the barrel of the pen. This was confirmed by Apple itself, adding an appropriate annotation to the page with description of a new stylus.

Interference from Apple Pencil

“If you charge Apple Pencil 2nd generation iPad Pro and your device Keyless entry to the vehicle (e-opener) is nearby, the signal interference may prevent you to open the car using the electronic opener, — said on the official Apple website. In this case you can simply remove the iPad Pro from electronic openers or disconnect the Pencil from the Apple iPad Pro and keep it separately. Once charging is complete, Apple Pencil any signal interference will disappear.”

Despite the fact that the described feature Apple Pencil 2 can not be called a real problem, she draws a rather contradictory trend. On the one hand, the wireless future, which leads us Apple — comfort from a simple lack of having to untangle wires. But on the other, the emergence of a huge number of wireless devices is at risk to link them with each other by an invisible cable, to unravel which will be much more difficult than what you can touch physically.

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