Apple told all about iOS security 13, updating your website

Apple not only promotes privacy as an important function of its products. She also took this subject under a special section on its websitewhere it explains in detail how to operate the functions of privacy. Today Apple is the fourth year in a row have updated this page with a focus on new advantages in the iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6, and there is a lot of interesting things.

Previously, Apple has released a series of videos about privacy

Apple has posted four new official document, which elaborates the specific functions of privacy related to location services, photos, Safari and new features login with Apple.

IOS security 13

Now users can find brief information about how protected their information when they view the web page in Safari, or use cards. Apple also describes how the protection of personal data in Photos, respect of privacy in communications, safe use of Siri, Apple Pay and other services. Here are some examples:

  • Safari prevents advertisers tracking you on the Internet
  • These Maps are not associated with your Apple ID for identifying patterns of travel
  • The Photos app uses the processing capabilities on the device for recognition of persons and places
  • Messages use smart hints that are processed on the device
  • Reading Apple News content associated with a random ID, not your Apple ID
  • Health information is encrypted with a password, the person ID or Touch ID

Of course, this is all common examples. However, the updated site privacy statement is particularly interesting when it comes to specific features, applications and services. On the website you will also find advice on how to avoid theft of your data that results from phishing and other useful articles.

For example, any notes that are stored in contacts, will not be disclosed to third party applications if they are given access to the application “Contacts”. If we talk about the app “Locator” Apple uses end-to-end encryption for communication with other Apple devices nearby to find the lost iPhone and the Mac, ensuring that the application itself did not know the whereabouts of the device or the ID of the device that it found.

This banner Apple set 2019 at CES in Las Vegas

In the Apple Arcade advertising or tracking user actions. IOS 13 iPhone owners now receive notifications when apps are using location in the background, giving them the opportunity to disable this feature.

Apple shares data with the government

You can also see how often Apple shares user data with the government, starting from 2013 until 2018. From the Russian Apple received during this time, 579 queries. A lot or a little, what do you think? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

So many requests Apple received from the Russian authorities

Each technical paper offers a more detailed dive into specific programs and services of Apple and how the company strives to improve the confidentiality with each new update.

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