Apple told Google about lies about security issues in iOS

Apple rarely releases open letter to users, but if it does this, it was a good reason. Generally, the reason to publish such messages become events that require from the company any reaction. Usually these events are negative, and because open letters seem rather as a justification. But occasionally, Apple release such statements, which are intended not to protect itself, and to discredit opponents. It happened this time.

Safety is a key feature of the iPhone

Last week, Google released a study, which talked about the existence of special websites that infect iPhone malware components. To do this, the user would simply open the website in browser as a special script is initiated automatically download the virus element that subsequently was spying on the victim and also had the opportunity to copy all data from the memory of infected devices.

Malicious sites — no longer a threat to iPhone

A few days after the publication of the report of colleagues from Forbes learned that Google deliberately removed from it some information, which proved essential for understanding the extent of the problem. First, it turned out that the goal of the malware sites were Uighurs — a small nation living on the territory of China, and not all users. And, secondly, the risk of infection was subject to not only iPhone, but also smartphones running Android. Therefore, in Cupertino have decided to clarify the situation.

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“First, this attack was specific and was not focused only on the iPhone. In fact, from infection suffered less than ten sites, the attendance of which was limited mostly only by members of the Uighur community. Furthermore, the Google research came out six months after Apple has released security patches which eliminate the possibility of infection. This could cause a false impression about the vulnerability of the iPhone and provoke users fear due to the fact that their data could be compromised, which of course is not true. Second, our information indicates that malicious sites carried out the attack for about two months, not two years as stated in the report. When Google approached us, we were already working on a fix and have released an update just 10 days later after they found out [about the problem]”.

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For me personally, it remains a mystery why Google has decided to publish the report, which not only referred to its own operating system, but they cringe and facts. Full impression that the purpose of the search giant were to put a competitor to ridicule, putting its users on the issues in security of corporate devices. Apple is in this situation remains only to praise and sympathize, because Google is her longtime partner. And with such friends, as you know, no enemies needed.

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