Apple TV 4G: So this is the future or not?

We already know the correct answer. Alas, no. Future again passed by. What kind of insanely simple and intuitive interface to control TV invented by Steve jobs in 2011? Not if Siri Remote (which many people have found out something from iPhone 4), he had in mind? Why, if so, attempts to create a revolutionary situation had to wait so long?

Since the TV reigned in the homes of billions of people, trying to tame it and expand its possibilities were taken a countless number of times.

Remember the Macintosh TV from the early 90s, hybrids of similar purpose from Microsoft, and the whole Saga with Apple TV, starting with the revolutionary (alas, not for him) 2007 was about the same.

Painfully delicious piece of television in billions of homes. A running area of civilization, entangled by wires like an impenetrable jungle. Hundreds of interfaces and thousands of layouts for remote controls with dozens of buttons. Sometimes I think that the developers of consoles has set the goal of idea is something completely original, unreadable and unlike any other.

Pills from chaos (Apple TV and its competitors), tiny parallelepipeds with connectors and led lights changing lights themselves become part of this chaos. The one who could break the spell of this horror, and even promised to do it, died soon after this promise. And all remained in their places. I’m not suggesting anything, just retell events in their chronological sequence.

Stole if the competitors have the Apple concept device for streaming content from different sources (Netflix, HBO, etc.) directly on the screen? No. The idea of something just hovering in the air. It seems that Apple TV was one of the first devices for this purpose, but even if this is true, Microsoft, Google, Roku and Amazon sculpted their devices themselves.

During the development process they dissect the competitors, and something took over – including from Apple TV, but it is common practice, Apple is doing quite well. Why not use a good finding foreign engineers? The NIH syndrome (Not Invented Here not invented here), one time ex of almost a family curse Apple in 1997 was recognized as erroneous and dangerous, and safely eliminated.

Itself Apple TV 4G, in brief, the experience in 2015 is not produced: a device to redirect to the huge TV screen audio and video content, with search capability, voice control, turning the TV into a game console. That is, the same as the Roku 4 ($129), 2 Amazon Fire TV and Google Nexus Player (for $ 99), just more expensive (149 and $ 199), and from Apple.

But brevity is the soul of wit, and the relatives of the talents nature usually saves. No surface brief description of the hero of todayís story, nor even its specifications, the question “what is it?” a comprehensive and adequate response is not give.

Apple TV 4G and the magical mad world was another attempt of revolution. Which almost succeeded. Probably the most successful failed attempt to tame the out of control man-made monster, the power of which exceeded the total power of all of us already 30-40 years ago, and continues to grow.

This sequel mini-series about Apple TV, start here:
First part: Apple TV: the Future has not come

New mad world

And Apple TV 4G, and Siri Remote, unique in the world is not hopeless remote for the home television set, was only part of a large and promising entity, which they dubbed “ecosystem”.

My first impression of the phrase “the future of TV is an app” was skeptical. In 2008, with the opening of iOS (then iPhoneOS) for third-party applications, Apple had saved their brainchild from the inevitable and disastrous crisis. Toy started to get bored, and illegal third-party apps, at any moment, could turn it into a nightmare and a curse.

iPhone SDK and the App Store saved iPhone, third-party apps have provided him a brilliant future by running an endless loop of “the more the world copies of the iPhone, the more apps for them, causing copies of the iPhone becomes even more…”

It seemed to me that Apple, faced with the unpleasant changes in the world, decided stupidly and mindlessly repeat the trick, appeared to be very effective in a completely different situation. Then I realized that this really is something there, and it really could work.

Apps turned the iPhone into something infinitely more than just a smartphone. The creativity of the masses, who discovered a fantastic way to solve financial problems with the help of imagination, common sense and intelligence. And to burst (comparable in strength to nuclear) is not blown all around, and the entry into App Store put Cerberus.

The three pillars on which rested the new crazy world of television, became tvOS tvOS tvOS SDK and App Store. Operating system based on iOS 9 features which the Apple TV was described in the official documentation. Tools and libraries, including TVMLKit something remotely similar to SwiftUI, only in JavaScript instead of Swift (about TVMLKit need to write separately), this kit has simplified the creation of applications for tvOS to complete lawlessness. About Xcode application templates with many Goodies for developers was just silent.

And tvOS App Store was an application installed on each instance of the Apple TV 4G, is there any app listed in the store were available “everywhere”. Restrictions by geography and similar outrages, horrible, understandable and inevitable, we will not remember. Any registered developer can submit your work to the admissions office the App Store, and with a probability of 95% to place it on the shelves of this store.

Any whim of the client became the gold-bearing area or an oil well for those who are able this whim to satisfy. Work? Six months later, in tvOS App Store was more than six thousand applications, the selection Committee was overwhelmed writing for this platform, became more and more. Perhaps, Yes. The detonation was still the same. Incomparable with nuclear blast between 2008 and 2012, but energy stood out enough for quick movement forward.

None of the three whales was not something new – operating system Apple TV came with these devices. In their first generation, this role is entrusted to a subset of Mac OS 10.4.7 “Tiger”, since the Apple TV 2G was used subsets of the current at the time of the iOS versions – just that it was a secret, informal systems of access to which the third party was not.

SDK and App Store, too, was not a novelty. In iPhone OS, they came in the second year of her life, and in tvOS they appeared at the time of her birth.

Apple TV 4G

Compared to Apple TV 3G, the new model has grown significantly. From 23 to 35 mm. She was not two times “thicker” (higher) than the Apple TV the previous generation, as it is written in most reviews, but close to it. And she was noticeably heavier. Device fourth generation weighed in at 425 grams, its predecessor weighed only 270.

Family portrait, guess who is who?

For devices that are designed for years to gather dust among the wires, the weight and thickness of no significance, very well that the engineers of the company did not bother it.

The number of connectors is decreased. The optical output is gone forever. Progress is relentless, complained about it – but Apple had some serious reasons for it, the groans of the fans were not heard.

Panel connectors:

USB connector first appeared on the bodies of even second-generation Apple TV. For normal users it is almost a replica. Connect to external drives, it does not support. Is intended only for diagnostics and maintenance.

Craftsmen learned to expand the consciousness of an Apple TV with it (as with LSD, some irresponsible citizens have extended their own), but for what purpose and what they have achieved, the information I have.

Built-in 10/100Base-T most competitors were not, and in 2015 he was often indispensable.

Wireless ability was also on top. Wi-Fi 802.11 ac. Judging by reviews and handbooks, no other “letters” were not supported. If the router does not work with 802.11 ac, the trouble. And Bluetooth 4.2.

Heart – Apple A8. The same as in the iPhone 6/6+ and iPad mini 4. Apple TV 4G processor in the system-on-chip overclocked to a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz. The graphics subsystem and everything else is unchanged.

On device performance, no one complained.

Apple TV 4G sold in two variants, differing in the amount of flash memory. The version with 32 Gigabytes cost $ 149, a variant with 64 GB – $ 199. More expensive competitors, but Apple is Apple, “eat it.”

I mean, this thing is more modern and more powerful than its ancestors, but in fact it is still the same Apple TV. Radical changes – no.

Except that the drives came out of hiding, although to score a legalized flash memory everything that your heart desires has not become easier. And not for this video, actually.


Apple TV 4G is a strange iPhone parts scattered in space. Between the screen and the user – a few meters of empty space. But panel with Glass Touch in the upper part of the body (touch interface, understanding a language) is, in fact, another mobile device.

Apple’s Siri Remote:

When the microphone button is pressed, turn on Siri (microphone built into the remote), and ready to fulfill your every desire. But that’s another Siri, nothing knowing neither about iOS, nothing about iTunes, not able to print the dictation. With a limited vocabulary, and absolutely no sense of humor. But very reasonable and effective within its context.

If she could print the dictation, the number of complaints would decrease at least an order – but this is only the first version. The first version of Apple’s Siri Remote supported 5 or 6 languages. The Russian was not among them.

The panel compared with iPhone 4, cited some evidence, but it’s different devices from different times.

The battery was missing (the official) for a few months (three?), to charge it using a standard Lightning connector, and the usual adapters from the iPhone.

There were downsides: the remote is very easily broken (the death) and the battery in it was not eternal, but the replacement is not subject. That is, if I buy a new one. Sold.

Nightmare horror

The worst punishment for any mortal, who purchased a Apple TV 4G, was the text input. To avoid it I would, but alas – it was not enough. Each application again and again, demanded to enter the Apple ID password, and sometimes myself Apple ID.

In part, attributes to your account can be sent to the device via iOS devices, bringing it very close to the Apple TV. But the passwords still have to enter.

The first version, the most horrible horror – sometimes such schools leave especially to a few months (or years), almost nothing has changed in the design of your device, rip applause and deserve universal love inventing and introducing an easy and convenient way to enter text with the remote.

Other horrors – the lack of optical output, high prices and things like that, in my opinion not even worth discussing. The answer to them is: “Giesen is.”

The rest of it?

In 2015 live Apple TV remained 4 years, during which these devices anything can happen. So…

To be continued…

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