Apple TV: 5 myths you shouldn’t believe it from increase battery life for iPhone

I’m not the only one who want to lengthen the battery life of the iPhone, it is true that there are some settings that help you in this, but there is a myth around the increase the battery life of smartphones in general, and for the iPhone it’s 5 fairy tale products according to Apple:

Myth #1: closing unused apps increases battery life

Not an iPhone, but most smart phones, it was found that re-open the apps and consumes more power than leaving it open in the background, confirmed this information Craig were in charge, Department of application services, the Apple TV myself, and the support page Apple TV to close apps not recommended only if they do not respond.

Source: Apple & MacRumors

Myth #2: The Phone Charging all night harm the battery

Expect a battery life of modern phones including the iPhone on the number of charging cycles, battery management move not to charge the phones more than needed for 100%, and this has been confirmed by Apple through the document for technical support.

This is not inconsistent with the fact to keep the Phone Charging between 40%-80% increases the life of the battery, noting a study that the last 20% took longer for the temperature of the battery affects the battery life in the long term.

Source: Apple

Myth 3#: Battery Replacement guarantee for the life of the battery

Revealed last year that the Apple TV learn to reduce the performance of the processors for iPhone batteries antique as a result of the lack of efficiency battery power delivery required for the processors at full power, and then presented the company’s solution includes updated performance management in the operating system display 29$ to replace the battery.

But replacing the battery does not suffer sometimes problems life of the battery; quoted by Business Insider, one of the staff to one of the Apple stores he said that less than 10% of those who requested they replace the battery they have they need actually.

And if you need to replace the battery direct to the settings > battery > battery health, so you must be the maximum amplitude of less than 80% of the spawn in to be replaced; if you don’t find the Department of health of the battery, you must update the system.

Source: Business Insider

Myth #4: closing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi always increases the battery life

According to the criteria on to turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth without the use of their pulling power, so you don’t need to close both out in order to increase the battery life, but if you close the Bluetooth Apple watch could increase the battery drain.

However, if you are in an area where cellular connectivity is weak this may impact negatively on the battery, so it is recommended to turn flight mode.

Since Wi-Fi consumes little power from the cellular network, advises Apple to keep Wi-Fi turned on all the time.

Source: Apple

Myth 5#: Auto Adjust the brightness hurts your battery

It may be tempting to manual control of the brightness of the screen of the iPhone dims the screen when you want to conserve power or increase the brightness when you don’t need to conserve energy, however, Apple states that the automatic adjustment makes the brightness appropriate in all times and maintains battery life.

For the auto brightness to Settings > General > accessibility > facilities screen.

Source: Apple

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