Apple TV app makes its way to some LG smart TVs from 2018


If you own a LG Smart TV with a launch date of 2018, you may want to check it to see if your TV has got a new update. This is because according to some 2018 LG smart TV owners, they seem to notice the Apple TV app appearing on their TV.

LG has already started bringing the Apple TV app to its 2019 smartphones earlier this year, but the company has also mentioned that its 2018 TVs will also get this app at a later time. The company has not specified when exactly this will happen, but it appears that the Apple TV app is already making its way into some users' TVs. It's unclear if this release is global or limited to certain regions, but it might be worth paying attention anyway.

And for those not familiar with this app, you can almost think of it as a "light" version of an actual Apple TV. Users will be able to access certain features that may require users to own an Apple TV, although it lacks other features that you can use Apple TV for such as Siri, access to TvOS apps like games, etc.

However, if you want to watch specific shows from Apple TV +, the Apple TV app is where you will be able to access those shows as well as the original movies and series that are part of the Apple TV + catalog.


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