Apple TV begins to display ads on stores in the App Store in the Arab states!

Ads apps and games that appear in the search results on the store, the App Store will put their Apple TV in a number of Arab states during the next period, so don’t respond if I found her in front of you!آبل تبدأ في عرض الإعلانات على متجر الآب ستور في الدول العربية

آبل تبدأ في عرض الإعلانات على متجر الآب ستور في الدول العربية

Service ads on the store, the App Store launched by Apple since 2016 where allows application developers and Games announced in the search results when a user searches via the word keys given on the App Store.

Apple today decided to include ads service for 46 additional states instead of the 13 previously bringing the total number to 59 countries around the world. It came in the new list 9 Arab countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, occupied Palestine, Lebanon.

Ads apps and games will appear at the top of search results on stores in the App Store with a distinctive mark to signify it, and stops the appearance of those ads you have on several factors such as word search, target audience, geographical location, device type, etc.

Apple does not offer that service for free to developers, of course, but in exchange for specific fees paid in advance prior to the start of the advertising campaign, and can the developer or the developer determine the advertising budget according to their needs.

Through 2018 we can have Apple to reap a profit from the advertising service exceeded $ 500 million, according to estimates of analysts and to size up the profits to $ 2 billion by the year 2020 that in addition to profit massively from store the App Store is generally a result of the purchases where you get Apple TV on a commission of 30% of every purchase made on the App Store.

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