Apple TV challenge September 12 to reveal the iPhone new

آبل تحدد 12 سبتمبر للكشف عن هواتف آيفون الجديدة

Apple announced finally on the date of the event annual to detect iPhone and perhaps a new version of her watch and the iPad Pro as it is a product, and so on September 12, the next inside the hall steve jobs at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Came the company’s announcement of the existence of the Golden circle and the details of the material underneath, perhaps the police suggested that the design of the thing about cameras in phones, especially the camera with three lenses with one.

Was the previous leaks had talked about 3 new phones from Apple between its two phones screen OLED one copy X three cameras, a telephone and the last a normal and larger size of the iPhone X, In addition to the launch of a new version of the iPad Pro dialogue less without the screen button to the main as is the case with the previous version.

On the whole, the waiting for the the conference company will sponsor the launch of our most prominent you its details.

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