Apple TV does not see the prices of their products high

Through last Friday, the director of operations of Apple, Jeff Williams, to submit a short speech at Elon University’s existing North Carolina in the United States, where it followed a period of questions and answers.

One of the students by asking Jeff about the plan of Apple to reduce the price of the iPhone, coupled with a recent report suggesting that the process of manufacturing a smartphone with cost less than the price of selling it.

Commented CEO of Apple, saying that such a story relating to the products of the company caused no harm since a long time, so that analysts do not understand the real cost of what we do and how much attention that we make our products, where added that he was aware of the rise in the price of the iPhone, which is what led to the lack of market share in many important markets that have lower income consumers, as it controls the Apple TV to only 3% of the phone market in India, for example.

Added Jeff saying that Apple doesn’t want to become the company’s elitist, she believes in equality in general, that they are going to do a lot of business in emerging markets.

This, the comments of the director of operations of Apple after the company raised the prices of the iPhone, as the average price of the iPhone has increased by 27% to become 793$ (2,975 SAR) since 2010, especially after the launch of the iPhone X which starts its price at 1,000$ (3,750 SAR).

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