Apple TV learn sign officially for the production of routers, Apple AirPort


He suggested a report released two years ago that Apple requires to stop the production of a series of routers AirPort. It wasn’t clear why, but perhaps Apple simply require to redirect their resources to larger projects. Unfortunately for those who like the organs of the AirPort, it has been discontinued officially.

In an official statement issued by Apple, the company says : ” we stopped the products Apple AirPort. It will be available for purchase through the website and Apple hash, and retailer authorized by Apple to while out-of-stock “. And remember Apple what if they plan to continue the support in terms of Updates, Security or not, but we wouldn’t be surprised in case if you don’t do it.

It’s a step interesting by Apple because the poll the opinion of customers two years ago found that the AirPort is with the consent of a large proportion of customers. But as we have said, perhaps Apple simply prefer to use those resources in another project, larger and perhaps more profitable.

In the past, Apple has stopped the sale and production of screens for Apple Thunderbolt own, and instead chose to use third parties to do the work, such as the company LG, which exposes the screen of the LG UltraFine as an alternative for the Apple Thunderbolt. However, will still be routers AirPort available for purchase until the end of the inventory, so if you are interested in buying some units to use in the future, it may be this is the time to do it.



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