Apple TV recognizes the choking speed of the processor in the MacBook Pro 2018, and the issuance of reform today

MacBook Pro 2018 --

The Apple has recently launched computers MacBook Pro 2018, and new computers. a choice to get up to the Intel Core i9. It was suggested to a video published recently on YouTube that computer MacBook Pro 2018 with the Processor Intel Core i9 facing the problem of suffocation due to the design of the Interior for the laptop. It was Automatic to limit the Processor Speed to prevent overheating of the device. Approved by Apple with the problem and confirmed that it can be fixed by the update will be released later this day.

And it turns out that computers MacBook Pro 2018 new it was you right from the Processor Speed to avoid overheating the device. Now confirmed the Apple that this problem is caused by a programming error. She also said that they think any customer has suffered from low performance in his laptop.

Said the Apple to The Verge , they found out the problem after the appearance of the video of the review carried out by Dave Lee for the computer. The results did not show opposition in the video in the tests conducted by Apple for the device. She also added that the computer strangling the speed of the processor in specific situations is where the campaign mode to intense on the processor, and for that reason did not note the error before the launch of the laptop.

Police in in this question on the ” number key missing ” in the OS which affects the system heat management and leads to reduced Processor Speed when the temperature rise of the device. This problem exists on my copy of 13-inch and 15-inch computers MacBook Pro 2018 new with all the Intel available.

Will Apple released an update later this day, which is the update that Apple that will make a copy of the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 faster by 70 percent, while the will version 13 inch with the terms of the Touch Bar twice as fast as shown in the performance results on its official website on the internet.


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