Apple TV running on version economic of headphones AirPods Pro, according to a new report

AirPods Pro ---

Released today a new report from the website DigiTimes indicated that Apple is preparing to issue a version Lite of headphones AirPods Pro. Due to the success of his series in-ear headphones wireless AirPods Series, it’s paying Apple to do in expanding this lineup to diversify the prices as much as possible. It is expected to put the new version in place between the headphones AirPods 2, which cost 159$ headphones AirPods Pro which costs$249.

According to the new, it is likely to be the Taiwanese company Universal Scientific Industrial is a company that will work on Apple TV to manufacture headphones AirPod Pro Lite new and will be using these headphones without new technology system in package ( system-in-package ).

Apple may be preparing a budget version of its AirPods Pro

While still in the stage of the initial rumors, it is expected that up to hear the AirPods Pro Lite new in the middle of this year, but may change plans because of an outbreak of MERS-CoV. Generally, it is expected to grow sales of headphones AirPods Pro Series to form a 40 to 50 percent of the total sales of headphones AirPods by the end of this year.


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