Apple TV set “Captain America” hero and producer of touching / dramatic

Over the past months, Apple announces the series compete on square TV screens, and continuing in that sin, the company decided to request Captain America to help her.

Specifically Chris Evans leading role in the world of Marvel movie, where it will be the star of the risks of Defending Jacob, which will first appearance outside the movies for 18 years.

The first season will be 8 episodes are assumed to be introduced by 2019, and Marc Baumbach Academy Award nominee 2015 the author of the War for the Planet of the Apes, and stores The Imation Game will be headed by a team of writers.

This series is based on the best best-selling novel in 2012, which bear also the name of Defending Jacob, which tells the story of a father accuse his son, who 14-year-old convicted of murder.

Source: Variety

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