Apple TV solve the problems of FaceTime and record the activities of users

Apple tweaks FaceTime calls everyone last week for the presence of a gap allows listening users to the party to call the other before answering the call, and now problem solved with iOS update 12.14.

It became a system update available to users Thursday evening, confirmed the Apple TV in noticeable update is that the service calls back to FaceTime, next to the fixed gap other unknown related with live sound in FaceTime.

If you want to lose the update head to Settings > General > Software Update.

In another window, warned Apple developers who can use tools to analyze and control the user activities within their apps blocked from the App Store, unless they have those tools or disclose about it, at least.

Stated speaker Apple TV “the guidance application store provides the requested explicit permission from the user and provide him with evidence visible when recording its activities”.

Recall that two days ago, revealed apps travel popular you log the activities of users across the screen of the iPhone, using the analysis tools from third-party the likes of Glassbox, used also applications of the Android platform, but Google has not taken a position against such practices.

Source: Apple & TC

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