Apple TV to send data to browse, users to the company and Tencent of China, but why?

I found the Apple TV itself caught in a controversy last new to China, where it seems they send data to browse, users to the company Tencent and Chinese. Data includes website visited and the IP address of your users operating system iOS.

But what is the objective of Apple behind this process? Is there a nucleolus is not good?

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Well, Apple in turn share data to help protect users from falling into the trap of fraudulent web sites – but the fact that the company now uses a collection tray to do this is what is surprising.

Responded Apple TV these allegations formally to reassure users, stating that the elements of the actual URL is not shared with third parties.

How to Apple use Google to provide services for Safe Browsing, but with the version of the operating system iOS 13 وmacOS Catalina, the company began to use Tencent to comply with the regulations of China.

In more detail, it before visiting the web site, you may send Safari information from the website address to the safe browsing Google Safe Browsing, from Tencent to verify if the site is fraudulent. Have providers Safe Browsing they also log your IP address. In the case of the site was suspicious or fraudulent, it will display a warning in Safari are advised not to proceed to browse this site.

Says Matthew Green, a professor at Johns Hopkins University and professor consultation, if this is a problem because it may disclose all of the web pages you’re trying to visit and your IP address. This may also lead to put a cookie on your device. This data can be used to create a profile the safety of your browsing.

There is some evidence to suggest that Apple send browsing data to Tencent only when you select the area of your iOS device to that in China. However, this is not clear. As noted in Green, the warning appears on iPhones registered in the United States as well as on devices in China.

Shows Green there are some forms of protection used, at least by Google. Therefore, Google does not know the Web page you’re trying to visit exactly in any particular case, thanks to the cryptographic algorithms and opportunities for web sites, which is what makes us put great trust in Google not to use the data.

But now, Apple sends browsing data to Tencent, which is what makes us we are expanding that trust to a Chinese company also. Which is what he sees Green it’s difficult for Apple to justify it.

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