Apple TV will allow you to disable slow iPhone with your iOS update next


After it turns out that Apple says slowing down phones iPhone old deliberately because of the deterioration of their batteries with the passage of time, has received the American company many of the criticisms, and the company eventually issued a formal statement in order to avoid further lawsuits.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook, it was explained that users of iOS 11 will be able to disable the slowdown of the processor with the next update, an update which is to be issued in the month of March next. In an interview with ABC, Mr. Tim Cook by saying : ” We’re going to give people the possibility to see the health card of their devices, so this is very transparent too “.

The update will also inform the users more clearly when he says the iPhone will automatically slow down his performance in trying to prevent the ends of random. There will be a button for it, but the CEO of Apple is not recommended to use. Moreover, it has defended Mr. Tim Cook about the decision to delay phones old iPhone, because the ” focus was on the user experience, “ he said that it is ” logical ” reduce the price of the replacement battery instead of this offer for free, because ” most people expect to get a new battery at what time “.


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