Apple TV+ will be released without Russian dubbing. Will only subtitles

The function of the ECG in the Apple Watch, eSIM Siri in HomePod, Apple News+ – all this, unfortunately, for one reason or another, unavailable to users from Russia. Frankly, it’s not the most extensive list of prohibitions, when compared with the restrictions that Apple imposes on Russian users some 10 years ago when the App Store did not accept rubles. But with the release of Apple TV+ users from Russia risk again to face the banal lack of adaptation to the local market.

Apple TV+ will be released in Russia without dubbing, and it will not play on Apple hand

Despite the fact that November 1 Apple TV+ will start in Russia officially, movies and TV shows that will be available on-site will be no Russian dubbing or voice-over, found out “Kommersant“. So all that will be able to count the subscribers of a service will be Russian subtitles. Most likely, this decision was taken due to the fact that a large part of the range Apple TV+ represent the series, which apparently will be released once a week, requiring them to provide duplicate translations in a very short time, which is very expensive.

Dubbing for Apple TV+

Russian users have long been accustomed to dubbing and VoiceOver translation is seen as something unworthy of their attention. It showed the eighth season of “Game of thrones”, each series which went on Mediatake first narration voice acting and only a week had acquired a many-voiced dubbing. The reason for this separation was the tightening of HBO, which sent the Russian site just before the worldwide release, thus attempting to deal with leaks.

Without full duplicate content success, in my opinion, the service does not find it. I hope this will fix in the next few months. Those who tried to watch movies with subtitles from beginning to end, will tell you that to monitor what is happening on the screen and read the subtitles very difficult. Given that the service is not free, — it is difficult to imagine a large number of people are ready for such a compromise — said Renat Grishin, chief editor

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On the other hand in the trailers for future movies on Apple TV+ you can see a dozen or more languages into which they translated. Russian among them is almost nonexistent. I think Apple are well aware of the convenience of its services and will not leave a model with subtitles for all. In the end, the mechanism has long been established, and this can be seen in the examples Amediately and other streaming services, when Russian voice appears at the time of the world premiere, — said Grishin.

Apple, of course, any leakage is not going to fight. Most likely, in Cupertino decided at first to spend money on dubbing, especially fast, doesn’t make sense. According to public sources, on average, every minute of dubbing for the series, which is due out the same day as the US, can cost up to 20 thousand rubles per minute, while not requiring haste projects from 890 to 1300 rubles. Two off-screen voice is multiples cheaper. It costs the Russian studios from 200 to 315 rubles per minute, while the subtitling costs only 100-200 rubles/minute. It turns out that while Apple focuses mainly on English-speaking audience, or at least not on the Russian.

How much is Apple TV+

However, to explain the reluctance of Apple to spend big budgets to adapt their paintings to the Russian-speaking audience to explain quite easily. In Cupertino probably want to start to study the behavior of potential viewers from Russia, when they are ready to pay for a subscription every month or not. Still, the specifics of the Apple TV+ is very different from Apple Music. In addition, the effect and the subscription price is only 200 rubles a month. It’s possible that right now the costs that will carry the company, it is not correlated with income, which can bring users.

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However, here arises a paradox. If Apple does not want to adapt the content specifically for Russia, the chances that the Apple TV+ will become popular among the subtitles is very small. So without the dubbing, the company can be sure that signing up are mostly those who either know English at a sufficient level, or teaches him the movies and TV shows. For all other services will remain unattractive exactly to the moment until there will appear pictures which can be included and listen in the background instead of reading the screen like a book.

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