Apple TV will finally feature the ” picture in picture ” with the update TvOS 13 next


You hear a lot of modern television sets these days for users to take advantage of the status of ” picture in picture “. And for those who have not heard about this situation before, he put allows you to get two monitors in one screen so that you can run video from one source in the first window, while you run another video from a different source in the second window.

This is useful in situations like when you are trying to access is constantly on the result of the early favorite, but you want to watch one of the shows at the same time. However, it’s kind of weird to find a mode ” picture in picture ” is not available in devices Apple TV although this situation is available in tablet and iPad. However, the good news is that it is expected to change that with the update TvOS 13 next.

With the trial version last update TvOS 13 next, it seems that Apple finally added support for ” picture in picture “. In a video posted on the Twitter network by Nikolaj Hansen-Turton, you can see how this feature works, although they work similarly to the way you work in other operating systems.

It is curious that Apple didn’t mention anything about the status of ” picture in picture ” during the presentation of TvOS system 13 new at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019, but there is a possibility that this feature is not ready at that time. Anyway, this feature will be one of the features that users can Apple TV addressed in the next update.


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