Apple TV works on the removal of the feature “do not track” old in the Safari browser

In the latest beta version of the version of the Safari browser 12.1, the removed Apple to support the feature “do not track” Do Not Track, due to its failure to help users avoid tracking their activity online. According to the memoirs version of Safari, 12.1, which was first discovered by a Gadget Hacks.

It is worth mentioning that it is designed to feature Do Not Track specifically in order to stop the web sites, companies, conversions, ad networks, suppliers of plug-ins, and other web services to track user activity while browsing, by sending the signal alert for websites to halt tracking, and therefore even in the case of enable Do Not Track in the browser you choose, it is very likely not to adhere to the majority of sites provided by that signal.

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Work Safari on the protection of Apple devices that limit tracking. In iOS 12, for example, prevents Safari buttons to share and comment on web pages from tracking you without permission.

إزالة ميزة عدم التتبع القديمة في متصفح Safari

Through features such as “prevent tracking” smart Inteligent Tracking Prevention, can Safari To Prevent tracking across websites in which advertisers collect unique properties on your device so they can identify your device or re-displaying ads to you across the web.

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