Apple under investigation in Japan due to anti-competitive practices

Apple Company

Due to the popularity of iOS, it is easy to see How for Apple to influence a huge amount of developers so much so that, according to a new report released recently from the news agency Nikkei Asian Review, may be the company found itself the centre of some trouble due to that being investigated by the Fair Trade Commission of Japan about the behavior of the alleged anti-competitive.

The report says that Apple has persuaded its trading partners seemingly lack of cooperation with the platform Game Plus, a subsidiary of Yahoo. For those who have not heard about platform Game Plus before, it is a service has been launched in Japan where it was a platform based on the web, where they publish games web which can be accessed via mobile devices. This means that he did not expect the developers to create special apps for each operating system separately.

It seems very appropriate, but it also means that Apple won’t get a portion of purchases made within this app. As you probably know, companies like Apple and Google get a percentage of the value of purchases elects within apps and games you obtained from the app stores of their own, and thus by skipping the Apple App Store will Apple TV part of the potential profits, that is why they pressed to their partners lack of cooperation with the platform Game Plus. Since then, lowered the Yahoo budget of the organization, and have stopped promoting it.

Declined to Federal Trade Commission Japanese to comment on the case, according to the Nikkei Asian Review, it appears that the company SoftBank stepped in to act as an intermediary for both companies. The reason for this is that SoftBank does not possess only a stock in Yahoo, but also get the payments from the customers of SoftBank who purchase the content available on the Apple App Store, suggesting that she has an interest in to keep both companies happy.


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