Apple unveiled finally on the MacBook Air 2018 with a new design and specifications of the improved

MacBook Air 2018

As explained by the rumors completely, Apple today finally remove the curtain officially unveiled the latest version of the laptop MacBook Air. I’ve had this laptop one of the most computers Apple laptops best-selling, and thus he needed already to upgrade, and got it finally today.

MacBook Air the 2018 and new features display Retina Display size of 13.3 inches and accurately 2560×1600 pixels with a frame thinner by 50% compared to the previous model, modern design and covered with glass until the edge with the knowledge that you can display colors more by 48%, and still camera FaceTime at the top.

Featuring MacBook Air 2018 New also sensor fingerprint Touch ID, which is supported with security fixes Apple T2 built-in device. This chip not only ensures the protection of the privacy of the user but it gives the burden to the operating system during boot so that quickly encrypts the data stored on the SSD, and makes it possible to use the digital assistant Siri.

When it comes to memory storage, it is possible to get a MacBook Air 2018 with up to 1.5 TB of memory storage SSD, with up to 16GB of RAM. This laptop is new as well with a second-generation Intel Core i5 dual core, and with a battery can provide 12 hours of web browsing, 13 hours of watching movies on iTunes.

MacBook Air 2018 new comes as well with the fourth generation of the keyboard, Butterfly Keyboard, a keyboard that says Apple is more accurate in response to the note of the buttons can this keyboard be added separately. Regardless of the keyboard, it was also to provide trackpad with Force Touch and expand the space by about 20 percent. Besides, it has also been improved speakers deliver louder by 25 percent.

You can with the MacBook Air 2018 New obtain port of type Thunderbolt 3, which are ports that can be connected to the screen of the 5K or even the graphics card out if you like it. Consists of MacBook Air 2018 new you fully of aluminum recycled, knowing that he also has a thickness of 15.6 mm and weighing 1.24 kg.

This laptop is now available for pre-order in gold, gray and silver. Will be officially on 7 November at a starting price of 1199 US dollars. Say Apple as the cheapest laptop with a Retina Display is produced even now, and that’s true, but at the same time increased the price of the device compared with the previous model.


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