Apple unveiling officially about the iPad Pro 2018 with a new design and specifications of a new technology


As already anticipated, Apple today finally upgraded lineup of iPad Pro is not decided by a formal unveiling for the new models of iPad Pro with new design specifications and new technology make it rise to the top of the pyramid of the best tablet devices that have been announced so far.

Your iPad Pro 2018 new from Apple got the new design includes a screen frame of the thinnest in all the four aspects in order to reduce the dimensions of the tablet without having to influence on the size of the screen. Moreover, the Apple iPad Pro 2018 new by getting rid of the main button the actual down and replaced with a system of development that is based on gestures similar to the iPhone modern. For those wondering about the fate of the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID, has been abandoned in favor of a technique to identify the three-dimensional facial Face ID.

On the other hand, Apple also provide your iPad Pro 2018 at the rate of eight-core processor model Apple A12X Bionic, which is an improved version of the processor Apple A12 Bionic user in the two phones the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Specifically, this processor features four cores, high performance for complex tasks, and four nuclei of other tasks less complex is more efficient in energy consumption, and all these eight cores will be able to work independently, as it is able to work all at the same time. Moreover, Apple also increased the processor Apple A12X Bionic processor and graphics designed by Apple features seven cores, and the focus of the new company neurological features eight cores. As you have probably heard, has been the manufacturing of this processor using the technology to 7 nanometers. According to Apple, this new processor makes the iPad Pro 2018 new faster than 92% of the laptops that were issued in the twelve-month period.

Regardless of the processor Apple A12X Bionic, so a iPad Pro 2018 new of Apple includes 4GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal memory maximum, it has a front camera with 7 megapixels and rear camera accurately 12 megapixels with lens girl 1.8. As you can expect, this tablet also comes preinstalled with iOS 12.

When it comes to hair, there are two versions of iPad Pro 2018, one comprising a screen size of 11 forget the other version includes a screen size of 12.9 inch. Although used for OLED in phones iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, has decided to Apple to use the LCD in your iPad Pro 2018 New although it has improved the technology used in these new screens, which called the company the name of the Liquid Display.

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