Apple unveils new smart device puts today

Hold the Apple special event in its headquarters in Cupertino tomorrow, is expected to unveil the iPhone 11 and a new version of its smart “Apple Watch”, and revealed new leaks that the American company is planning to advertise also for a completely new device, which may appear for the first time in tomorrow’s event.

According to the website “Metro” British, would this device products that can be paired with the keys or put them in a purse or hand bag, to allow users to select the location of the missing object using the application.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo analyst to MacRumours the U.S. the device will use the technique of radio broad able to provide the indoor mode is more accurate than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, this suggests that the Apple device will be more accurate in determining the location of the missing items from other products, which rely on Bluetooth.

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